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My traveling closet began halfway across the country three years ago when I left Las Vegas and started my freshman year at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Then it went halfway across the world for a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Now it's back to Mizzou for a final year. I began this blog to detail my European adventures. Though I'm back in the states, the adventures continue.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Pinterest Problem

I have a Pinterest problem.

That's the first step, right?

...admitting you have a problem.

I can easily waste an hour of my day by accidentally slipping into the dangerous world of Pinterest. The site lures me in with tempting pictures of creative crafts to make, latest fashion trends to buy, and delicious-looking treats to bake.

If I visit the website, productivity is instantly thrown out the window. I waste precious minutes pining after a pair of shoes and pinning them to my board dedicated to fashion as if the shoes will magically appear in my closet with a single click.

If only Pinterest worked that way...

Instead, the site is a reminder of all the things I haven't crafted, all the clothing I don't own, and all the treats I will never be able to bake. Let's face it, me + a kitchen = disaster.

Despite my lack of baking/cooking abilities, I do consider myself rather crafty. I have challenged myself to make at least one Pinterest creation each month. This will justify my Pinterest problem because I will actually make something useful based on a craft I saw on the site. Therefore, the time I spent (or wasted) on Pinterest looking at pictures will be...somewhat...acceptable.

My craft this month: A mantle piece decoration consisting of beer bottles wrapped in yarn.

Source: Julie Murillo on Pinterest

However, I wanted to put my own twist on the craft so I came up with a Mizzou-inspired design.

Tah dah!