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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Secret Behind the Siesta

It's really quite simple: Spaniards don't sleep. They stay up till the wee hours of the morning and still manage to rise and shine around 7 or sometimes even earlier. Thus, a siesta in the mid-afternoon is necessary to catch up on the needed amount of sleep most people obtain during the night.

Because dinner isn't served until 9 or 10, las discotecas (night clubs) don't even open until midnight. I experienced my first discoteca last night. Sutton hosted a welcome party for all the new study abroad students. One of the girls I went out with knew someone who knew someone important and we managed to get wristbands for the VIP section of the club. Upon entering the VIP section, "All I Do is Win" started playing...how fitting! We didn't leave Sutton until 5:30 am. The club was STILL packed when we left. It was crazy.

On a random note: I booked my flight to Dublin for St. Patty's day! 177 euros...Oof!

On an even random(er) note: Guess who this belongs too?

Answer: My sorority sister Carolyn Guffey

She studied in Barcelona last Spring and I am currently staying with her same host familia! What are the chances! 

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  1. NO

    You are staying with her same family!??!?!?! hahaha that is hilarious! Love the trip booked to dublin during St. Patties... going to def be more fun than the Mizzou fiascos!! Discos are so much fun!!!! I loved them but make sure you get VIP every time so you don't have to pay the outrageous cover.

    loves you and keep texting me =]