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My traveling closet began halfway across the country three years ago when I left Las Vegas and started my freshman year at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Then it went halfway across the world for a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Now it's back to Mizzou for a final year. I began this blog to detail my European adventures. Though I'm back in the states, the adventures continue.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Sunday

Mimosas and Huevos Rancheros

After sleeping half the day away (oops!), me, Sonja and our friend Maddy went out for brunch. We ate at an adorable restaurant called Picnic. The food was to die for. They even had blueberry pancakes - a rare find in Spain. 

It's our final Sunday in Barcelona. The thought of leaving this city and all the amazing people I've met here is incredibly depressing. All I know is I'm going to take full advantage of these next 6 days and soak up as much of Barcelona I possibly can. 

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